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2018 亞盟會論壇

2018亞盟會論壇於2018年9月13日至15日於菲律賓,馬尼拉(Crowne Plaza Manila Galeria, Ortigas City, Manila)舉行。是次論壇主題為:Rekindling Raiffeisen’s Ideologies in the Heart of Every Credit Union


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Pleanry 2
"Raiffeisen, Great Idea!"
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Pleanry 5

Kaya Payments Platform : Your Gateway to the Future of Big Data; Fintech and the Future of Credit Union Digitization
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Rekindling Raiffeisen Ideals in the Heart of Every Credit Union

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Breakout Session 1

People Differentiation : Building Governance Model for Credit Union
Breakout 1

Breakout Session 2

Creating Memebr Value : Measuring Impacts of Credit Union Services on Wealth Building of Members
Breakout 2.1
Breakout 2.2
Breakout 2.3
Breakout Session 3

Credit Union Development : How to Avoid Mission Drift and Stay True to Your Purpose
Breakout 3.1
Breakout 3.2
Breakout Session 4

People Differentiation : Understanding Millennials and How to Woo them to Credit Unions

Breakout 4.1
Breakout 4.2
Breakout 4.3
Breakout Session 5

Creating Member Value : Digitization - High Touch Service to Members in a High-Tech World
Breakout 5.1
Breakout 5.2
Breakout Session 7

People Differentiation : Purpose Driven Leadership - Discovering Why You are in a Credit Union
Breakout 7.1
Breakout 7.2
Breakout 7.3
Breakout Session 8

Creating Member Value : Evolving for the Furture - Embracing Credit Union Differentation and Underserved Markets
Breakout 8.1
Breakout 8.2

Breakout Session 9

Credit Union Development - Promoting Women Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment
Breakout 9.1
Breakout 9.2