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Formation of New Credit Unions
  • will assist any persons or organizations interested in forming a credit union to organize and register with the Registrar of Credit Unions.
Education and Training of Credit Union Officials and Full-time / Part-time Employees
  • will organize annual seminars on the training of officials and full-time or part-time employees to enhance the management and leadership skills. Individual credit unions can also request tailored-make programs to suit their own environment. Officials include the Board of Directors, Credit Committee, Supervisory Committee and Education Committee Members.
Consultancy Service
  • Credit unions may refer any queries on the daily operation to for professional advice. The League will also assist credit unions to complete the Annual Return to the Registrar.
Legal Advice
  • Credit unions may refer any queries on legal matters to the Honorary Legal Advisers of .
Life Savings and Loan Protection Insurance
  • will provide life savings and loan protection insurance to the credit unions members through well-known insurance agents.
Surety Bond
  • The Credit Union Ordinance requires every credit union to provide surety bond to protect the assets of the credit unions. will also provide the surety bond through well-known insurance agents.
Organization of Promotional Activities
  • will assist the Education Committee to organize promotional activities to recruit new members and/or educate existing members.
Organization of International Credit Union Day Activities
  • On the third Thursday of October every year, credit unions from over 80 countries celebrate the International Credit Union Day. will coordinate with all credit unions in Hong Kong to organize various kinds of entertainment and recreational activities for all members to participate, so as to acquaint them with each other and propagate credit unions through these functions.
Quarterly Newsletter
  • publishes the quarterly newsletter 'Credit Union News' to enhance the communication between the League and the members of all credit unions.
Supplies and Publications
  • provides all printed forms, training materials, and supplies of souvenir items such as calendars, red packets, etc.
Conference Room Facilities
  • provides service of training room/conference room for the credit unions' seminars, board meetings and committee meetings.
Accounting Service
  • will assist the Treasurer of credit unions in the computerisation process of the accounting system of credit unions or provide full accounting service.
Production of Annual Reports / Special Anniversary Bulletins
  • will assist the Board of Directors to produce bilingual annual reports and special anniversary bulletins (including translation services).
Organization of Annual General Meeting and Cocktail/Dinner
  • will assist credit unions to organize Annual General Meeting and to arrange Annual Dinner and souvenirs for members